Business Then Vs Now

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Business Then Vs Now
25 Dec 2021
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The difference between what business was back in the day and the drastic transformation that has taken place now is massive. Read on to find out how! #ThinkWithNiche

We are now living in such an era which provides us with a lot of facilities in everything we do. The process to establish a business has become easy as compared to before. Lots of services are there. We just have to follow modernity and walk with the time, and technology will do the rest for us. You can easily start and run your business just from the comfort of your home. There are a lot of ways available to do so. We are going to tell you about some of these techniques here in this article.


Internet is one of the best gifts of science and is the best helping hand nowadays for everything. If you want to know which business has the best facilities, what steps to follow, every detail will be in front of you in no time. Just take your mobile or laptop and have a click, and you will be provided a lot of options to choose from.

Everyone may have heard about the cloud facility. You don’t have to be afraid of losing important official data, just save it in the cloud and you are safe. The Internet has opened every channel for your business. Now the whole world is being controlled by these three words, the World Wide Web.


Want to find a partner for a business? Your partner lives far away land? You are thinking about what to do, how to meet? But these are now the history. The communication process has become the easiest work ever. Smartphones have revolutionized communication! Instant messages, emails, and lots of methods to communicate. Not only text messages, audio, videos, pictures, and everything you want to share, just need a few clicks. If you want to see your partner, again just use the internet. Lots of channels are there for video calling. Conference calls, video calls, all options are open for you.


Distance is no longer a problem for anything that you want to do. Always remember that we are living in the 21st century. Distance is not what distance used to be! It’s just a matter of a few hours now, and you can reach anywhere in this world. More than enough options are now available for transportation. You can easily transport your products from one place to another, and you can easily travel across the world.


Technology is another facility that is helping us to move one step further than before. If you look at the past, you will see more manpower. Unlike now, when most of the work is completed with the help of technology. But now, the technologies are leading us. Modern pieces of machinery are the faster way for anything. Producing some goods in no time can only be done with the help of technology. Technologies give a huge relief for human labor. Just control the technology and see the magic of science. Mobile technologies are available. We can have a grab of very work detail while taking rest at home.


It’s not the time ‘Haat’ and ‘Bazar,’ now it’s the time of Shopping Malls, Online Shopping. Customer demand has increased a lot, and accordingly, the service providers have evolved the ways of providing services. Just imagine the consequences if this Covid-19 and the lockdown took place 50 years ago. The business houses would have faced a huge amount of loss. It would have been a total tragedy. But now there is nothing to worry about. No matter how long the lockdown is, an online platform has the power to control everything. People are buying most of the things they need from online platforms. With the introduction of digital marketing, the total marketing system has changed.


Every start-up needs advertisement! Previously print media and radio were the only means of advertisement. These means were effective but did not have a better influence and had limited reach as well. However, now an advertisement has the biggest role in influencing users. The advertisements are not only local but global. Social media is a blessing! It  grabs a wide range of customers. Not only for advertisements but also for communication.


Back then, if you planned on opening a business in your city, it was very hard to grab an audience in your neighborhood. Engaging global customers was a faraway matter. But now, spreading your business globally is a piece of cake. Modern technology, internet facility, communication system, transport all can lead you to globalization. There are a lot of global brands. The cultural mix is an influencer of globalization. Noodles are now not only ‘Chinese,’ pizza is not only ‘Italian.’ It is how modernization helps in globalization.

Back then, being successful in a business was a tough job, but now modern technology is the one that helps you to succeed. There is no doubt advanced technology to stir up the world of business. It is like technologies bring the fourth revolution for business.

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