Why Comedy Is a Tough Job in India

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Why Comedy Is a Tough Job in India
25 Sep 2021
7 min read

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Even though India's comedy industry is booming, comedians are wary of releasing material that could offend someone. Creativity is a personality trait that is devoid of any sense of right or wrong. Making people laugh while also being politically correct is a bit much to ask, especially from a generation that values ideas, relaxation, and speed, all at the same time. The chunk of The population are teenagers and young adults looking for new ways to unwind, entertain themselves, and rejuvenate themselves.

However, the government's strict policies and the fear of being imprisoned can stifle certain ideas even before they are put into practice. British and American comedians like John Oliver and Bill Maher, on the other hand, have rethought how comedy should be presented and embraced. The country needs more lenient laws and to be more accepting of people's sense of humour. When the jokes are relatable, the audience has a better reaction and making jokes about mannerisms or non-living things leaves the audience with too little to chew on. Every industry has a human side to it, and this is the face of it. Because of this, it is critical to treat everything with a grain of salt every now and then, especially if one is hoping for some amusement and laughter.

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