What's the Point of Getting Vaccinated? 'Family Guy'

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 What's the Point of Getting Vaccinated? 'Family Guy'
25 Sep 2021
7 min read


News Synopsis

Covid-19 is the target of a global immunization campaign being led by governments, scientific professionals, epidemiologists, and non-profit organizations. Vaccine apprehension, on the other hand, is still widespread among the population. A public service announcement featuring characters from Family Guy has been created in partnership with Ad Council to help spread awareness of the vaccination program. The three-minute clip depicts Peter Griffin, the show's protagonist, pondering whether or not to be vaccinated at the doctor's office. "Oh my God, I despise being shot. Peter argues with himself as he lies on the test table, "Why do I have to receive this dumb vaccine?". "Peter, it's COVID-19," says the anthropomorphic white Labrador named Brian Griffin. You should be able to communicate it properly. It's been almost a year now. Dr. Elmer Hartman, the Griffins' doctor, then shows in and asks Peter if he has any concerns about the immunization. Peter wants to know how a vaccination works. "Have questions about the COVID-19 vaccines?" said a tweet from the Family Guy's official Twitter account after the clip was posted. Visit http://GetVaccineAnswers.org for the most up-to-date and correct information so that we may all return to the times we cherish and miss the most." Peter Griffin's son, Stewie Griffin, interrupts the conversation to provide clarification.

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