To Decrease Waste Gen Z Is Prepared To Rent Clothing

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To Decrease Waste Gen Z Is Prepared To Rent Clothing
13 Oct 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

This brave move by gen-z will surely inspire the millennials of today. Sustainability is the word that is so often discussed but minimal action is taken. If we assess the scenario after the pandemic, youth have become more climate and environment conscious. However, there are a considerable amount of credits to be given to lifestyle influencers who are making a change. Their contribution to digital space has reshaped not only society but also netizens in general. Maybe a few years ago, renting out clothes was deemed as an inappropriate affair, the times have changed drastically, lending, borrowing, and renting has become commonplace culture. At the same time, having a minimalistic attitude is very essential to collaborate with sustainability. Gen-Z is more aware of world trends and is educating themselves on the latest changes and developments in society. This massive shift is all a part of globalization and with time, slowly we have managed to embrace it with open arms. After all, in order to fit in the society, it's crucial to be 'one and work together effortlessly. The effects of new-age society are palpable and one is constantly pressured to keep up with changing trends of society. So, folks sustainability is one area that needs more attention.

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