The Virtue Of Consistency: On India's Vaccination Targets

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The Virtue Of Consistency: On India's Vaccination Targets
31 Aug 2021
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News Synopsis

With 10.7 million doses of immunization on August 27, India broke its previous daily record of 8.3 million doses and over 6.3 million doses on August 23 and 24. This amount decreased to 7.9 million on Saturday. 3.4 million pills were given out on August 29, although Sunday has traditionally been a low day. On June 21, 8.7 million doses were provided in a single day, which reduced to 5.8 million the next day and stayed almost steady at over six million for a week. In the first half of July, the number of doses administered declined to three million from four million doses. As it turns out, the date of June 21 coincided with the new COVID-19 immunization plan, in which the federal government purchased and provided free vaccinations to the states. Despite the fact that the record was set on August 27, it seems that the goal was to achieve a "momentous feat" by breaking the 10-million mark. The sharp drop in vaccinations the following day raises doubts. Priority should be given to vaccinating a large number of individuals every day and making sure that vaccinations are accessible at all centers on a continuous basis. Uncertainty about vaccine availability is detrimental to vaccination rates, especially among the poor.

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