Services Of Instagram, Facebook And Messenger Of Meta Were Stalled Again

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Services Of Instagram, Facebook And Messenger Of Meta Were Stalled Again
31 Oct 2022
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News Synopsis

The Meta-owned social media platform's services were shut down for the second time in a week. The business, though, has fixed it. According to Meta, the firm has resolved the problem preventing users from using its social media site. Inform us that this outage on Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger was merely temporary. This down was detected by the down detector tonight at roughly 1:00. It took roughly an hour for the server to come back online after being offline. Let us inform you that WhatsApp was down this week for almost two hours.

Giving information on Friday, the company said that users have faced problems due to the configuration change. According to outage tracking website Down Detector, more than 11,000 users on Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger reported problems accessing apps, sending messages, and logging into their accounts. According to the down detector, this down was recorded on 28 October at 8.30 pm BST (1 pm Indian time), which lasted for about an hour.

Let us tell you that from 12.30 pm on October 25, the services of the instant messaging app WhatsApp were stopped. Users were facing problems from sending messages in chats and group chats to uploading statuses. This down was also confirmed by the down detector. This down lasted for about two hours.

Users in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Pakistan all reported issues. Down Detector reports that 63,930 users in the UK, 4,248 users in Brazil, and 26,043 users in Spain have reported this WhatsApp downtime.

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