Secularism – A Way to Hurt Majority

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Secularism – A Way to Hurt Majority
22 Sep 2021
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News Synopsis

India, known for secularism and unity in diversity has sadly turned the definition of the word secular. The so-called secular have made it a tool to demean the religion in the majority. When a decision is taken in the favour of a major, no matter how lawful and ethical the decision is, it is always criticized because it favors the majority in the country. Discrimination is just not among the religion in the majority and this needs to be put out. It is seen everywhere in society. The reason behind Discrimination is in every cast and religion and it's not the fault of any religion but the practice that has been followed in society. 

Secularism teaches us equality of religion and caste as one. Criticizing people based on their cast and religion does not fall under secularism. What we need to understand is that we need to respect every religion and every cast and always respect the person for what they are.

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