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PM Modi announces 12-step action plan to boost ties with Pacific Island countries

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PM Modi announces 12-step action plan to boost ties with Pacific Island countries
23 May 2023
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News Synopsis

PM Modi's 12-Step Action Plan for Pacific Island Countries

During the 3rd India-Pacific Islands Cooperation (FIPIC) Summit held in Papua New Guinea, Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed a comprehensive 12-step program aimed at bolstering India's alliances with Pacific Island countries. The initiative seeks to fulfill the developmental aspirations of the region's people while consolidating the shared vision of a free, open, and prosperous Indo-Pacific.

Key Initiatives Announced by PM Modi

In a series of tweets, the Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson, Arindam Bagchi, outlined the 12 steps put forth by PM Modi to deepen India's engagement with Pacific Island nations. The initiatives include:

  1. Establishment of a new 100-bed regional super specialty hospital in Fiji.

  2. Creation of a Regional IT and Cyber Security Training Hub in Papua New Guinea.

  3. Sagar Amrut Scholarships: Offering 1,000 scholarships in the next five years.

  4. Organizing a Jaipur Foot Camp in Papua New Guinea in 2023, with plans for two camps annually in other Pacific Island Countries.

  5. FIPIC SME Development Project to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the region.

  6. Implementation of a solar project for government buildings to promote clean energy.

  7. Provision of desalination units to ensure access to safe drinking water.

  8. Supply of sea ambulances to enhance emergency medical services.

  9. Installation of dialysis units for improved healthcare facilities.

  10. Establishment of 24x7 emergency helplines for immediate assistance.

  11. Creation of Jan Aushadi Kendras to provide affordable healthcare products.

  12. Setting up Yoga centers to promote physical and mental well-being.

PM Modi's Visit and Bilateral Meetings

During his visit to Papua New Guinea, PM Modi was greeted with a rare moment when Prime Minister James Marape touched his feet and sought his blessings as a sign of respect. The summit also witnessed the Indian national anthem being played and PM Modi receiving a guard of honor.

PM Modi engaged in bilateral discussions with various leaders from Pacific-Indo countries on the sidelines of the FIPIC Summit. Notable meetings included Palau's President Surangel Whipps Jr, Premier of Niue Dalton Emani Makamau Tagelagi, Fiji's PM Sitiveni Rabuka, and Marshall Islands Minister Kitlang Kabua, among others.

India's Commitment to a Free, Open, and Inclusive Indo-Pacific

During the 3rd FIPIC Summit, PM Modi reiterated India's belief in multilateralism and expressed support for a free, open, and inclusive Indo-Pacific. By actively engaging with Pacific Island countries, India aims to foster strong partnerships, promote regional development, and ensure a peaceful and prosperous future for the entire Indo-Pacific region.


PM Modi's 12-step action plan reflects India's commitment to deepening ties with Pacific Island countries, focusing on key sectors such as healthcare, education, infrastructure, and more. Through these initiatives, India aims to strengthen partnerships, fulfill developmental aspirations, and reinforce the shared vision of a free, open, and prosperous Indo-Pacific region.

The 12-step action plan announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi demonstrates India's dedication to enhancing its relationships with Pacific Island countries. This comprehensive approach encompasses various sectors and initiatives to drive mutual growth and cooperation.

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