Pegasus And Beyond

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Pegasus And Beyond
31 Jul 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

Just like Wiki-leaks, Pegasus controversy has become the flag bearer of unfolding truth. The current regime (MBS)  wants to take credit for prospective changes in the law, and in order to silence the dissents, detain human rights activists or torture them. We can see the rise of anti-human violation increase in the Middle East and all over the world for Saudi citizens under this current repressive regime. More and more women activists are in threat under the MBS rule, undoubtedly. These women are unable to defend themselves since their lawyers are also put behind bars.

The government not coming forward with any statement is also making things worse. As the policy of the company that developed the Pegasus software says that they only sell their data to the governments, it puts governments of all the countries that were on the list. It is also important because the whole process shows the violation of the right of privacy and the software that was invented for a better purpose ended up being used for selfish reasons. It would not be wrong to say that the use of a thing decides whether it's good or bad. And the same thing is happening in the case of Pegasus.

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