Maki Kaji, ‘Godfather Of Sudoku’, Dies At 69

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Maki Kaji, ‘Godfather Of Sudoku’, Dies At 69
17 Aug 2021
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News Synopsis

If you are interested in quizzes and solving puzzles you must have heard of sudoku puzzles. There might be only a few people who do not know about it. This amazing number game has a very strong concentrating and brain exercising power.

Sudoku became popular outside Japan around two decades ago after overseas newspapers began printing the puzzles. It is now praised as a way to keep mental faculties sharp, with more than 100 million people around the world estimated to try the puzzles regularly.

Maki Kaji was the inventor of this amazing puzzle, but unfortunately, the day had ended for the Godfather of Sudoku. He stepped down as head of his company in July due to ill health and died from bile duct cancer on August 10, 2021.

Sudoku has also lifted the interest of scholars worldwide. A team of German and British researchers reported the finding that the number of possible solutions for nine-by-nine grids is 6.67 times. More difficult 16 by 16 and 25 by 25 grid puzzles, as well as easier sudoku for children and older people have also been made. Nikoli estimates there are over 200 million sudoku fans in more than 100 countries. Kaji wanted to spread the puzzle worldwide and when the puzzle gains its place around the world, the time came for him to left the world. 

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