Instagram Threads Gets Edit Button and Voice Posts, Free for All Users

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Instagram Threads Gets Edit Button and Voice Posts, Free for All Users
13 Oct 2023
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News Synopsis

Meta-owned X's competitor, Instagram Threads, is making waves Future of Edit Featureswith the introduction of a new edit button, available for all users. This feature allows users to make edits to a post within a five-minute window after publication on both mobile apps (Android, iOS) and the web.

Once the five-minute mark has passed, the ability to edit disappears.

User Reactions and Swift Implementation

Following the announcement by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Threads users swiftly shared their opinions. One user noted, "It took a decade for Twitter to get an edit button; however, it took Threads less than a year." The edit button addresses a common concern among users who want the flexibility to rectify errors in their posts without the need for a paid subscription.

Distinguishing Features and User Appreciation

Instagram Threads' edit button differs from X's in two significant ways. Firstly, it is free for all users, making it a noteworthy feature for those who have often wished for an edit option without a subscription cost.

Secondly, the edited history button, present in X's edit feature, is absent in Threads, offering a distinct user experience. Users appreciate the inclusion of this feature for all users and its cost-free accessibility.

Meta's Stance and the Future of Edit Features

Meta, the parent company, clarified that it currently has no plans to add an edited history button to Threads, according to a spokesperson. This decision adds a layer of privacy for the poster but may be viewed as a disadvantage for followers or viewers who cannot track changes made to a post over time.

Additional Updates: Voice Posts and Automatic Captions

In addition to the edit button, Threads has rolled out voice posts, a feature that is now available to all users. This functionality includes the automatic generation of captions as users speak. Notably, the introduction of voice posts follows a trend set by other social media platforms, such as Twitter, which introduced "audio tweets" in 2020.

Meta Verified and Ongoing Innovations

Aside from these updates, Meta-owned Threads also runs a Meta Verified program, akin to X's Twitter Blue, introduced after Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter in October 2022. The program offers a paid blue-check verification service for users.

Relevant and latest facts:

  • Instagram Threads is a social media app that focuses on close friends and family.

  • Threads was launched in 2019 and has over 100 million users.

  • Meta is the parent company of both Instagram and X.

  • X's edit button is only available to X Blue subscribers, which costs $4.99 per month.

  • Twitter introduced audio tweets in 2020 and added caption support in 2021.


Instagram Threads has added two new features that are free for all users: an edit button and voice posts. The edit button allows users to fix mistakes in their posts for five minutes after publishing, while voice posts let users record and share audio messages.

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