Infrastructure And Protecting The Environment Should Go Hand-In-Hand Can Go Ahead

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Infrastructure And Protecting The Environment Should Go Hand-In-Hand Can Go Ahead
30 Aug 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

The Western Hemisphere's infrastructural needs collide with environmental and biological concerns posed by the Himalayas. Because of Uttarakhand's undulating terrain, the state's administration has been considering hydroelectric projects for decades. Landslides and avalanches have increased in frequency as a result of the increasing frequency of heavy rainfall. Because hydroelectric projects are located in areas susceptible to environmental shocks, all of this has an impact on how they are constructed. Hydropower developments are a hindrance to the river's health. Six of the hydroelectric projects were challenged in court by their proponents, who argued that they had received prior approval and that dismantling them would result in considerable loss. A delicate balance has been struck between rescuing some of them and admitting, at least on paper, the environmental consequences since then, with mixed results.

The Water Resources Ministry, which oversees the NMCG, is opposed to hydropower projects, while the Power Ministry is in favour of them. There has always been a counter-recommendation when one group of experts recommends that infrastructure expansion be halted. It's not only Uttarakhand that needs stable electricity and infrastructure, it's the entire country. While improving communication, power companies and the Centre must inspire more trust in the inhabitants of the region. Infrastructure development must take into consideration the region's unique challenges.

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