Google Launches Amazing App, Will Alert Parents When Their Kids Leave School

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Google Launches Amazing App, Will Alert Parents When Their Kids Leave School
20 Oct 2022
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News Synopsis

Google has introduced its Family Link app with new features and a new style. Three big features have been provided with the new version of Family Link, which includes highlights, controls, and location. The new app also has a central hub for notifications. Google has introduced both the web and mobile versions of Family Link. For your information, let us tell you that Family Link was first introduced in 2017.

Parents can keep an eye on their children through the Family Link app. The Family Link app also provides information about children's screen time and app usage. With Family Link, parents can lock their children's phones or tablets and can also set the time to use an app.

In the new update of the Family Link app, the history of the apps used by the children will also be shown. Apart from this, if children have installed any new app, then their information will be available. Parents will get information about all the notifications coming on their children's phones in this app itself.

A big feature with the new update of Family Link is the location tab. In the Family Link app the parents, and the live location of the children's phones will be shown along with the battery level. Parents will also have the option to ring the child's phone. Apart from this, parents will get notifications through Google Maps as soon as the children leave school. 

Google has launched its Family Link re-designed version after Apple's new parental controls. Apple has provided many parental features with iOS 16, including the Quick Start feature for Screen Time.

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