Famous Women s Rights Activist And Poet Dies At Age 75

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Famous Women s Rights Activist And Poet Dies At Age 75
25 Sep 2021
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News Synopsis

Kamla Bhasin is a key figure of the feminist movement not only in India but around South Asia as well. Her involvement in women’s rights movement is considered crucial and she has always been an important figure for women. She was born in Shahidanwaali village in Gujrat district of Punjab, which is now in Pakistan, in the year 1946. She joined the ‘Midnight generation’, which is a group of people who were born right before or during the partition. Her journey as a poet and feminist is inspiring to say the least. 

Kamla, after her graduation, got a scholarship to study in Germany at the University of Munster. After completing her studies, Kamla came back and started working at the Seva Mandir in Rajasthan. From here onwards she became vocal about the oppression of women and their rights in Indian society. Soon she became a prominent feminist voice and a women’s rights activist. Her poem ‘Kyunki Main Ladki Hoon, Mujhe Padhna Hai’ became popular. She also made the Azaadi chant famous in India and every protestor uses it to raise their issue. 

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