Cadbury's Modern Twist To Their 90s Iconic Ad Wins Hearts

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Cadbury's Modern Twist To Their 90s Iconic Ad Wins Hearts
18 Sep 2021
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News Synopsis

In 1994, Cadbury created a well-known advertisement featuring a woman eating a Cadbury chocolate bar while watching her partner play cricket. After his game-winning RBI, she rushes past security and onto the field, where she bursts into a passionate dance to the tune of "Kya Swad Hai Zindagi Mein." A popular chocolate ad from the 1990s has been updated to celebrate femininity by the brand, and it has once again captured fans' hearts.

In the ad, a woman makes the winning run as a man rushes to the field to congratulate her. The ad symbolizes a shift in how the general public perceives cricket. It also honours the achievements of women's cricket by making a women's game mainstream. The Cadbury Dairy Milk commercial became viral in an instant. Many social media users remembered warmly about their childhoods and applauded the authors for providing a unique viewpoint. A remake of one of India's most popular ads, according to one Twitter user. This gender flip advertisement demonstrates how far women have come, yet the sentiments of accomplishment and success remain the same.

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