Brazil's Incredible Street Art Got A Shout-Out From This Bollywood Actor

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Brazil's Incredible Street Art Got A Shout-Out From This Bollywood Actor
28 Jan 2023
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Latest Updated on 28 January 2023

Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal has complimented Brazilian street art. He recently published a number of street art pictures on his Instagram account. The Colorful Paintings depict several lovely faces painted on the streets' walls. These paintings are charming since they mix in with the nearby trees and plants. The trees and plants are created to resemble the hair on these painted faces heads. Writes Arjun Rampal: Brazilian art. love it will compete with the majority of hairdressers.

The original pieces of art were created by Brazilian artist Fabio Gomes Trindade. Here is a picture of him with a woman enjoying the painting of a girl with purple hair and the nearby purple flower bush on his Instagram profile.

Over 55k people have liked Arjun Rampal's article in the meanwhile. Celebrity hairdresser Aalim Hakim made a toast by adding the fire and raised hand emojis to his remark on his post.

The graffiti art found in cities like Los Angeles was also suggested as a reference for these street paintings. "That is some street art, indeed. Inform me if that looks good! Unlike the graffiti in Los Angeles, "read the remark.

Brazilian users also liked the post. "Yes, one may see something artistic on a wall in a typical street. from Brazil with love "Read it.

India experienced a surge in street art in recent years as well. The pandemic provided this well-liked art style with a new view. Street art was used as a method of public communication about the pandemic and its effects on our society from Lucknow to Jaipur.

Artist Baadal Nanjundaswam painted paintings in Bengaluru as well to raise citizens' awareness of climate change. The paintings ranged from murals of movie actors in masks to images of the virus.

Last Updated on 25 September 2021

Arjun Rampal, a Bollywood actor, shared a collection of photographs of Brazilian street art on his Instagram account. The original artworks were created by Brazilian artist Fabio Gomes Trindade. What I like about these murals is how they blend in with the surrounding trees and shrubs. A celebrity hairstylist, Aalim Hakim, responded to his post with a fire emoji and a raised hands emoji. The artist's point of view perplexed many people. In recent years, India has seen a surge in street art as a result of the World Pandemic. The paintings ranged from virus representations to murals of masked movie characters. Street art is here to stay, and it's no surprise that it's gaining popularity.

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