A Look into PM Narendra Modi's Vision for the G20 Summit 2023

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A Look into PM Narendra Modi's Vision for the G20 Summit 2023
07 Sep 2023
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News Synopsis

Embracing "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" at the G20

In a profound reflection, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi invokes the philosophy of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam," translating to "the world is one family."

This philosophy underpins the G20's commitment to global unity, transcending borders, languages, and ideologies. During India's G20 Presidency, the call for human-centric progress resonates as nations come together to nurture our shared planet and support one another's growth.

The Transformed Post-Pandemic World Order

Prime Minister Modi outlines three pivotal changes in the post-pandemic world order. First, there is a growing realization that a shift from a GDP-centric view to a human-centric perspective is essential. Second, the world recognizes the importance of resilience and reliability in global supply chains. Third, there is a collective call for bolstering multilateralism through the reform of global institutions.

G20's Role as a Catalyst for Change

India's G20 Presidency has played a catalytic role in facilitating these transformative shifts. An exceptional initiative, the Voice of Global South Summit, brought together representatives from 125 countries to gather inputs and ideas. This initiative sought to mainstream the aspirations of developing countries, the Global South, and Africa.

Accelerating Progress on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

As the midway year of the 2030 Agenda approaches, concerns arise about the off-track progress on SDGs. India's G20 Presidency introduces the 2023 Action Plan on Accelerating Progress on SDGs, charting the course for the G20's commitment to SDG implementation.

Climate Action and Sustainable Practices

India's rich heritage of harmonious coexistence with nature aligns with the pursuit of climate action. Recognizing the varying stages of development in many Global South countries, India emphasizes that climate action must complement development efforts. This approach calls for action on climate finance and technology transfer.

Fostering a Sustainable Blue Economy

Initiatives like the Chennai High-Level Principles for a Sustainable and Resilient Blue Economy highlight the commitment to keeping our oceans healthy. The establishment of a global ecosystem for clean and green hydrogen, along with a Green Hydrogen Innovation Centre, reflects India's dedication to sustainable energy solutions.

Democratizing Climate Action and Promoting Sustainable Lifestyles

Prime Minister Modi underscores the importance of involving individuals in climate action, similar to how Yoga became a global wellness movement. The "Lifestyles for Sustainable Environment (LiFE)" initiative encourages conscious lifestyle choices to benefit the planet's long-term health.

Enhancing Food Security and Nutrition

The International Year of Millets and the Deccan High-Level Principles on Food Security and Nutrition aim to ensure food and nutritional security while promoting climate-smart agriculture.

Inclusive Technology and Women-Led Development

India's inclusive approach to technology leverages digital public infrastructure (DPI) to include the unbanked and provide digital identities. The G20 will assist developing countries in adapting and scaling DPI to foster inclusive growth. Moreover, India's G20 Presidency emphasizes women-led development, bridging gender digital divides and promoting women in leadership roles.

A People-Driven G20 Presidency

India's G20 Presidency has transformed into a people-driven movement, organizing over 200 meetings in 60 Indian cities, hosting nearly 1,00,000 delegates from 125 countries. This vast and diverse geographical expanse embodies India's unique qualities of demography, democracy, diversity, and development.

The G20's Commitment to Unity

In conclusion, India's G20 Presidency embodies the commitment to bridge divides, dismantle barriers, and sow seeds of collaboration for a united world where every voice is heard, and every country contributes. The G20's actions align with its pledge to make the global table larger and more inclusive, leaving no one behind.

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