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Anupriya Das

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This is Anupriya here. I am a second year student of law. I am an optimist and look beyond the rain. Tackling challenging situations gives me a lot of satisfaction. I am inclined towards the arts, and the beauty of nature fascinates me. I am fond of travelling and I love singing, as I'm a trained hindustani classical singer. I believe I should give back to society in whichever way I can. Being associated with The Art Of Living has given me a lot of opportunities to reach out to society. I have been an active participant in various activities, like debate competitions, MUN's, and model parliament. I am glad that I got an opportunity to be a part of Niche because of its strong belief in 'change'. I firmly believe that change is a permanent feature and I too want to change for the best , it has been a great learning so far. I am really enjoying working with this group and the encouraging mentors we have got. Looking forward to more enriching interactions.

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