Los Angeles Tourism Wants To Expand Beyond The Metros Of India

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Los Angeles Tourism Wants To Expand Beyond The Metros Of India
26 Sep 2022
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News Synopsis

Throughout the pandemic, Los Angeles has kept pushing the boundaries of creativity and providing travellers with new experiences. The Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board's Regional Director for India, Seema Kadam, shared some innovative perspectives on the recent initiatives in India and the latest tourist attractions in the City of Angels.

Los Angeles still has a strong commitment to the Indian market. The only U.S. destination marketing organisation with full-time employees abroad is Los Angeles Tourism, which has a team member based in Mumbai. The L.A. Insider training programme, which can be found at insider.discoverlosangeles.com, is currently being updated by Los Angeles Tourism to further assist Indian trade partners in understanding the destination. This B2B platform educates the tourism industry on how to market and promote Los Angeles through three chapters.

“We also have a dedicated B2B Facebook page to keep the travel trade updated on what’s new in the destination, as Los Angeles is a creative city that is constantly evolving! Moreover, we will continue working with partners like Brand USA, participate in niche travel shows and collaborate with the travel trade in India to ensure that itineraries are structured and customised to suit Indian travellers’ tastes and demands in the coming months,” explained Seema.

The concerned US government officials are actively reducing wait times and backlogs in response to the long visa wait issue. “The U.S. Embassy is resuming routine in-person tourist visa appointments in September 2022 and has been fast-tracking study and work-related visas. Demand is extremely high, so they are experiencing extended wait times, which we expect to be streamlined in the coming months. Also, effective June 12, 2022, visitors are not required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test before boarding a U.S.-bound flight if double vaccinated,”  says Seema.