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Google Provided Funding Of Rs. 113 cr To Indian Agritech Startup Cropin

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Google Provided Funding Of Rs. 113 cr To Indian Agritech Startup Cropin
09 Jan 2023
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News Synopsis

In its most recent Rs 113 crore round, Google invested in the homegrown agritech startup Cropin with JSR Corporation, previous investors ABC Impact and Chiratae Ventures, the platform announced on Monday.

To meet the increasing demand for digitisation and predictive intelligence in the global agriculture sector, the funds will help to build Cropin Cloud, the company's intelligent agriculture cloud platform.

"By making farms and harvests traceable, predictable, and sustainable, Cropin aims to transform how food is grown. We are excited to partner with global technology innovators like Google, which further validates our capabilities and solidifies our position as a leader in the digitalisation of global agriculture," said Krishna Kumar, Cropin's co-founder and CEO.

Cropin Cloud, a pioneering platform for the digital transformation of agriculture, was launched in September of last year.

With the assistance of this fundraising round, Cropin will be able to strengthen its marketing initiatives and increase the platform's functionality, particularly by creating cutting-edge predictive intelligence products through Cropin AI Labs.

"Cropin is poised to be the largest agritech company globally with its cloud-based, SaaS business model. This investment underlines our strong belief in their growth,"  the founder and chairman of Chiratae Ventures India Advisors, Sudhir Sethi, said.

Every acre of agriculture land in the world should have access to predictive intelligence, according to Cropin AI Labs.

Additionally, Cropin intends to increase the scope of its business operations in new geographies and sectors, with a particular emphasis on developing solutions that advance sustainable agricultural methods and comprehensively address problems with global food security.

More than 7 million farmers have benefited from Cropin's digitization of 16 million acres of farmland through partnerships with more than 250 B2B customers.

According to the startup, Cropin Cloud's intelligence platform has already offered predictive intelligence for more than 200 million acres of farmland worldwide.