Google Maps to Introduce Multi-Car Navigation Feature for Group Travel

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Google Maps to Introduce Multi-Car Navigation Feature for Group Travel
06 Jul 2024
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News Synopsis

Google Maps, a dominant force in the navigation app world with over 60 million active users in India alone (as of 2023, cited by Miriam Daniel, Vice President and Head of Google Maps), is constantly innovating to enhance the user experience. While currently adept at guiding solo travelers, a recent patent filing hints at an exciting future feature: multi-car navigation.

Patent Suggests Collaborative Navigation for Groups

A patent filed by Google with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on June 25th (discovered by @xleaks7) details a system that would enable users traveling together to navigate seamlessly. Titled "Providing Navigation Instructions to One Device in View of Another Device," the patent describes a navigation service capable of identifying multiple users heading towards the same destination from various starting points.

How It Might Work

This system could potentially leverage users' calendar schedules and messages to anticipate group travel plans. Upon detecting multiple users with a shared destination and similar travel windows, the patent suggests Google Maps would send invites to join a multi-car navigation session. This would provide synchronized directions for all participants, ensuring everyone arrives within a similar timeframe.

Alternatively, the patent mentions the possibility of users explicitly requesting multi-car navigation during trip planning.

Enhanced Coordination for a Stress-Free Journey

The envisioned feature goes beyond simply providing directions. According to the patent, Google Maps would display the locations of all group members on a shared map, highlighting the chosen routes. It could even suggest suitable meeting points along the way, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

Furthermore, the system might analyze real-time traffic data based on the lead vehicle's route and relay it to all connected devices. This would allow for dynamic adjustments and ensure everyone is aware of potential roadblocks. The patent also suggests features like notifications if a car deviates from the planned route and recommendations for strategic stops to allow trailing vehicles to catch up.

Compatibility and Accessibility

The patent indicates that this multi-car navigation feature would function on smartphones, both independently and when connected to a vehicle's infotainment system via USB or Bluetooth. This ensures broad accessibility for users with varying technological setups.

While still in the patent stage, this development hints at Google Maps' commitment to continuously improve the travel experience. It has the potential to revolutionize group road trips by streamlining navigation, promoting better coordination, and ultimately reducing travel stress for everyone involved.


Google Maps' potential multi-car navigation feature represents a significant advancement for group travel coordination. By leveraging real-time data and user schedules, it promises to enhance the navigation experience for travelers heading to a common destination. This innovative feature could make group travel more convenient and efficient, underscoring Google Maps' commitment to continuous improvement and user-centric innovation.