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Agribazaar launches Remote Sensing Crop Model

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Agribazaar launches Remote Sensing Crop Model
11 Mar 2022
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News Synopsis

Agribazaar has launched a remote sensing crop model that will help farmers implement precision farming naturally. The company has claimed that over 10 lakh additional farmers are expected to benefit from this service in the next 12 months. The services of this crop model are being offered to over three lakh farmers registered with Aribazaar.

It also said that the remote sensing crop model is available globally, but the company has started offering it in India for the first time. The government of India has also chosen Agribazaar for India’s agri-stack programme along with Microsoft India.

At launch, Agribazaar co-founder and CEO Amit Mundawala said the model will allow millions of small Indian farmers and farmer producer organisations (FPOs) that would be useful to reduce risk, reduce costs and increase yields. 

The model benefits farmers with a data-based decision-making system, by considering soil properties, weather parameters and geographic location. The company has also said that the model aims to address the farmers’ questions on what, when and how to sow besides giving the crop calendar and telling farmers when to harvest. 

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