'Take The Leap’, Show Initiative And Communicate Into Law Student Bodies

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'Take The Leap’, Show Initiative And Communicate Into Law Student Bodies
31 Jul 2021
8 min read

News Synopsis

There is so much to take away from learning media, laws, and ethics. In some ways, we also tend to feel empowered. When we feed ourselves with a bunch of knowledge pertaining to news media, we become aware of the simple worldly truths. I have been writing online content for ages now. After reading and exploring all about ethical issues surrounding Indian journalism, I feel a lot of things have changed over the past few years. Journalism in India has become very unnerving of the fact that twisting and turning news stories for the purpose of entertainment prevails above all.

A lot of news channels exploit the material in their own Godly way. Media houses don’t fear the stringent laws that cap our institution. Rather, media houses and journalists act (write) as they please. Journalists have a very unrealistic presumption that they can get away with anything they publish. Now, the scenario has drastically changed. Citizens are reading certain books related to media and ethics online and gaining immense knowledge and awareness from these materials. So many institutes are opening doors for students who are curious to learn about laws. Contrary to usual news, studying law changes people in great ways. One can inculcate the learnings of institutions in everyday incidents or major events in their personal lives too, this benefits them. So, it's best to get yourself enrolled in a law school that will come of great use for all walks of life. 

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