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Zomato's 2023 Food Trends Unveiled: Biryani Reigns Supreme

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Zomato's 2023 Food Trends Unveiled: Biryani Reigns Supreme
26 Dec 2023
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News Synopsis

Zomato, the renowned food delivery service, has disclosed its culinary highlights for 2023, showcasing intriguing insights into food preferences across India. In a year dominated by diverse palates and hearty cravings, Biryani emerged as the undisputed champion, claiming the title of the most ordered dish on the platform with a staggering 10.09 crore orders.

Following closely behind was the perennial favorite, Pizza, with over 7.45 crore orders.

The Nation's Biggest Foodie and City Specifics

Celebrating Mumbai's food aficionados, Zomato crowned Hanees as the 'nation's biggest foodie' for placing an impressive 3,580 orders, averaging more than nine orders per day. Notably, another enthusiastic individual in Mumbai set a record by placing 121 orders in a single day, epitomizing the city's vibrant food culture.

City-Specific Ordering Trends

In the tapestry of culinary preferences across Indian cities, Bengaluru led the charge in breakfast orders, while Delhi emerged as the leader for late-night cravings. Bengaluru also clinched the record for the largest single order amounting to Rs 46,273. Moreover, an intriguing revelation surfaced from the same city, where a customer sent a whopping 1,389 gift orders valued at Rs 6.6 lakh through Zomato.

Quirky Insights and Fun Facts

Zomato spiced up its report with amusing observations. It humorously remarked that the sheer volume of biryani orders could fill eight Qutub Minars in Delhi, while the cumulative pizza orders could blanket an area larger than five Eden Garden cricket stadiums in Kolkata. Noodle bowls secured a notable third spot, accounting for over 4.55 crore orders.

Fun Facts of Zomato Biryani :

  • Biryani orders could pave an area larger than five Eden Garden cricket stadiums in Kolkata!

  • A biryani-loving family in Chandigarh ordered 70 plates in one go during the India vs Pakistan World Cup match!

Biryani Dominance Beyond Zomato: Insights from Swiggy

Interestingly, Zomato's rival platform, Swiggy, echoed a similar sentiment with biryani reigning as the most ordered dish. The 'How India Swiggy'd' report highlighted that Swiggy customers ordered a remarkable 2.5 biryanis per second in 2023.

Additionally, the report disclosed fascinating insights, including a Chandigarh-based family ordering a whopping 70 plates of biryani during the electrifying India vs. Pakistan World Cup match in October.

Noteworthy Ordering Feats and User Preferences

The report shed light on remarkable individual ordering feats, citing instances where a user from Mumbai placed food orders amounting to Rs 42.3 lakh. Impressively, user accounts in Chennai, Delhi, and Hyderabad exhibited a penchant for frequent ordering, surpassing 10,000 orders each.

The report also highlighted an extraordinary party host from Jhansi who placed a colossal order comprising 269 items.

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