YouTube Tests Colourful Surprise: Red, Green, Blue Video Feed Experiment

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YouTube Tests Colourful Surprise: Red, Green, Blue Video Feed Experiment
07 Feb 2024
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News Synopsis

YouTube is exploring a new way to curate your video experience, not based on content, but on color! This experimental feature, currently seen by a limited number of users, allows you to choose between red, green, and blue, and then creates a personalized feed showcasing videos with thumbnails predominantly featuring that color.

YouTube is reportedly testing an intriguing feature on its mobile app, offering users the ability to opt for color-themed video feeds in red, green, or blue. While this experimental addition aims to enhance the visual experience, its functionality and purpose are subjects of curiosity among users.

User Reports and Initial Observations

Numerous users have reported encountering a unique card on the YouTube mobile app's home screen, presenting them with a choice of three colors: red, green, and blue. The card's message, "Craving something new?" suggests the opportunity to "Create a feed of videos based off color, and enjoy exploring." Users on both Android and iOS platforms have shared their experiences with this novel feature.

YouTube Color-Coded Video Feeds Unveiled

Upon selecting a color, users are presented with a separate video feed where all recommended videos adhere to the chosen color scheme. It's essential to note that these videos seemingly lack thematic connections beyond their predominant color in the thumbnail. This additional feed doesn't replace the main home feed but introduces a new customization option at the top of the home page.

Unanswered Questions and Speculations

Several questions surround this experimental feature. It remains unclear whether colors are solely derived from video thumbnails or if the algorithm analyzes the entire video for the predominant color. The purpose of color-based recommendations raises curiosity, especially when users typically prefer thematic connections to content. Some speculate whether YouTube's motive is data collection, considering the significance of color theory in advertising and marketing.

User Reactions and Quirky Speculations

User reactions on platforms like Lemmy suggest diverse opinions. Some view it as a potential data collection strategy, while others see it as a quirky and aesthetic addition. The engagement factor of color-coded content is questioned, leaving room for speculation about YouTube's intentions with this unique experiment.

Possible Explanations and User Reactions:

  • Some speculate this could be YouTube's way to gather data on colour preferences for targeted advertising.

  • Others view it as a playful and visually appealing feature for users seeking an aesthetic experience.

  • Discussions on platforms like Lemmy highlight concerns about data collection and question the feature's overall usefulness.

Intriguing Questions Remain:

  • Does the algorithm analyze the entire video or just the thumbnail for color selection?
  • Is this a data collection strategy for color-based advertising, or simply a fun experiment?
  • Would users prefer thematic connections over purely visual aesthetics?

Looking Ahead:

  • While limited in scope currently, this experiment hints at YouTube's willingness to explore unorthodox recommendation methods.

  • The feature's future remains uncertain, and its wider rollout or potential modifications are unknown.


YouTube's foray into color-coded video feeds showcases its commitment to innovation. While user reactions vary, the experimental nature of this feature adds a touch of uniqueness to the platform. As YouTube continues to evolve, the real impact and purpose of color-themed video feeds will unfold with user feedback and further observations.

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