YouTube Looks to Curb Misinformation about Health Topics

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YouTube Looks to Curb Misinformation about Health Topics
25 Mar 2022
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News Synopsis

Popular Video sharing and streaming platform- Youtube has announced that it will be rolling out two new features in India. These two features are Health source information panels and Health content shelves. Youtube says that these two new features will help them to effectively counter the misinformation available on social media platforms, especially regarding health issues. These new features will be available both in English and Hindi. These will provide context cues aimed at helping people more easily access videos from verified health sources. Director and global head of healthcare and public health of Youtube, Garth Graham said that Youtube is investing “to provide equitable access to highly authoritative health information that is evidence-based, culturally relevant and engaging.” To enable users to evaluate the source of information and identify trustworthy health content in a better way, Health source information panels will show up under videos from accredited health organizations and government entities. On the other hand, when users will search for specific health topics, Health content shelves will highlight videos from authoritative sources. Mr. Graham further said: “Video can help make complicated, clinical topics understandable and accessible in ways that text simply cannot. YouTube has the potential to transform how healthcare providers inform, educate, and motivate people to live healthier lives.”