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YouTube Launches Branded QR Codes and Enhances WNBA Coverage

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YouTube Launches Branded QR Codes and Enhances WNBA Coverage
17 May 2024
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News Synopsis

YouTube's 2024 Brandcast event brought several exciting updates that will impact viewers and advertisers alike. Here are the major announcements broken down into key points:

Introduction of Branded QR Codes

Enhancing Ad Engagement with QR Codes:

YouTube introduced branded QR codes, which will appear alongside video ads. These QR codes will feature advertisers' logos. Viewers can scan the QR codes to access more information about the advertised products or services.

This feature aims to make ads more interactive and engaging. Provides a seamless way for users to connect with brands.

Enhanced WNBA Coverage on YouTube TV

New Agreement with Google and Scripps Sports:

YouTube TV is enhancing its sports coverage starting May 31. Under a new agreement, YouTube TV will broadcast locally televised WNBA Friday night games on ION.

These games will be available to subscribers with the Base Plan.

Unique Access to WNBA Games:

The coverage will include both home and away markets of the teams playing. YouTube TV will be the only digital multichannel video programming distributor (dMVPD) to offer both local and national WNBA games this season.

This addition provides more accessibility to live sports. Expands the variety of content available on the platform. Underscores YouTube TV's commitment to comprehensive sports programming and enhancing the viewer experience.

Expansion of YouTube Select Creator Takeovers

Formalization and Expansion:

  • YouTube Select Creator Takeovers program allows brands to collaborate with top creators on YouTube.

  • Brands gain exclusive promotional opportunities on the creators' channels.

  • Initially piloted at the end of 2023, the program is now being rolled out more broadly.

  • Enables brands to capture the full attention of the creators' audiences.

  • Provides a unique and effective advertising solution.

Recognizing the Influence of Creators:

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan highlighted the growing influence of creators in an op-ed. He expressed the belief that it's time for a creator to win an Emmy.

Mohan noted that creators are becoming the new Hollywood. Creators now have their own business strategies, production teams, and innovative content.

They are redefining television by reimagining classic genres and inventing new ones. Mohan argued that creators deserve the same recognition as traditional TV professionals.

Additional Update

YouTube on WhatsApp Channels:

  • YouTube announced that they are now on WhatsApp Channels.

  • Users can follow YouTube there to never miss any updates from the world of technology.


The 2024 Brandcast event showcased YouTube's commitment to innovation and enhancing user experience.

From branded QR codes and expanded WNBA coverage to the formalization of Creator Takeovers, these updates highlight YouTube's dedication to providing valuable and engaging content for viewers and effective advertising solutions for brands.

The recognition of creators' influence further underscores YouTube's role in shaping the future of digital entertainment

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