Xoxoday Raises $30mn from Giift, Apis Partners

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Xoxoday Raises $30mn from Giift, Apis Partners
25 Feb 2022
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News Synopsis

Xoxoday has gathered an investment of $30 million from Giift and Apis Partners. Xoxoday is a SaaS-based fintech provider in the rewards, incentives, and payout space. The investment made by two firms includes both primary and secondary capital components. The acquisition will allow both parties to enlarge their service offerings and collectively accelerate growth globally. Xoxoday provides technology infrastructure regarding automated rewards, incentives, and payouts across the value chain. The raised funds will be used to fuel the next stage of growth in the international market and update the technology infrastructure required to serve the next set of billion users. Xoxoday was founded by Sumit Khandelwal, Manoj Agarwal,  Abhishek Kumar,  and Kushal Agarwal. They started their journey by solving complex problems of human motivation using technology. The CEO and Co-founder of Xoxoday,  Sumit Khandelwal has said that the company grimly believes that growth compounds with the right people and right partners on board. With the loyalty infrastructure of Giift and reward infrastructure of Xoxoday, the business can cover the entire lifecycle for employees,  channel partners, and consumers.

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