World’s Largest Four-Day Workweek Launched in UK

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World’s Largest Four-Day Workweek Launched in UK
09 Jun 2022
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News Synopsis

Britain is preparing to join the Four Day a week work. Thousands of workers from UK firms are participating in a major global study to examine the impact of reduced working hours on employee well-being, along with the impact on the environment and gender equality, as well as corporate productivity. This will be a pilot program of six months.

This is the world's largest pilot project for the change in the way of working. This project will run for 6 months in which about 70 companies are participating. The employees may work for 4 days a week during the trial and will get full salary. That is, for 80 percent of the hours worked, employees will get 100 percent salary. The trial will involve academics from Oxford College and Cambridge Universities, as well as experts from the US Boston College.

Sociologist Juliet Shore, the chief researcher of this project and economist and sociologist at Boston College, said that the problem with the 5-day week is that the work can be expanded according to the available time. There is no point in sticking to this time-based system.

About this project, Ellen Andreasson, an employee of the company, said that she uses her vacation to relax. She said, 'I am definitely more motivated and this has greatly improved my sleep as well.”

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