Windows 11 Launched With Redesigned Start Menu

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Windows 11 Launched With Redesigned Start Menu
08 Oct 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

Windows recently launched Windows 11. It features significant design modifications as well as updates to the system's internal workings. The Start menu, as well as icons in the taskbar, are centered on the screen by default. When the Start button is pressed, a menu of frequently used apps appears. They have also made some updates that can be helpful in gaming. For gamers, Microsoft claims that their new drive technology, Direct Storage, will allow graphics cards to access storage drives without passing through the central processor, resulting in significantly faster loading times in games.

One new feature that drew attention in the computer industry was Windows 11's ability to run Android smartphone apps via the Amazon app store. To coincide with the new Windows version, the corporation has just released a line of new hardware gadgets. However, if the computer is still functional, consumers who currently have Windows 10 do not need to spend the money. Until October 2025, Windows 10 will be supported and get security updates.