WhatsApp Will Release New Update To Replace Phone Numbers With Usernames In Chat 

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WhatsApp Will Release New Update To Replace Phone Numbers With Usernames In Chat 
15 Mar 2023
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News Synopsis

WhatsApp is currently going to deploy an update that would replace phone numbers with usernames in the chat list stated WABetaInfo. When you receive a message from an unknown number, you will now be able to see the username rather than the phone number.

How does the new feature function?

According to WABetaInfo, the latest WhatsApp Beta version will make it easier for users to identify messages from unknown numbers by displaying the push name instead of just the user's phone number. After the update is released for all users, you will be able to identify the user trying to reach you through the push name that will be visible in your chat list.

For unknown or unsaved contacts, the phone number will now be pushed to a secondary position within the chat bubble and chat list. This is to emphasize the importance of push names so that users can be identified quickly in group chats and from unknown contacts.

In December last year the app introduced a new feature that swapped phone numbers with push names in group chats enabling users to easily identify users. You can now see it not only in groups, but also in your chat list.

This will make it easy to identify the messenger without having to save the contact on the device.

Who can access the feature?

This new update is only limited to the best users throughout the latest WhatsApp version for android users and WhatsApp beta for iOS

Other future WhatsApp features

The other upcoming WhatsApp features include profile icons within group chats and the introduction of 21 new emojis in the charts. Another big feature that WhatsApp is exploring is offering greater control to administrators in the members that may join a group using a whatsapp link. This allows administrators to limit who can join the group and manage it more effectively.

WhatsApp in order to keep users hooked to the app has been releasing new updates to the beta version in order to check it and make the required changes before releasing it to all the users.

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