WhatsApp Rolling Out New Full-Width Messaging Interface For Community Announcement Groups

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WhatsApp Rolling Out New Full-Width Messaging Interface For Community Announcement Groups
01 Apr 2023
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News Synopsis

A new full-width messaging interface for community announcement groups is being sent out by Meta-owned messaging service WhatsApp to certain of its top iOS beta testers, which will making conversations easier to read.

Message bubbles will now fill the entire width of the screen when beta testers open a community announcement group, and the profile icon will be displayed inside the bubble, according to WABetainfo.

Users will find it easier to read messages with the new interface because the text is displayed in a wider line.

Also, because the community announcement groups are the only chats to use the new interface, they will be obvious among other chats.

According to the source, certain beta testers who installed the most recent version of WhatsApp beta for iOS from the TestFlight app presently have access to the full-width messaging experience within community announcement groups, and more users are likely to receive it over the next few days.

In the meantime, it was revealed last month that the messaging service was seeking to attract communities to its iOS "WhatsApp Business" application.

In the WhatsApp app owned by Meta, take a look at all the upcoming features that we might see soon.

Upcoming new features of WhatsApp

Edit message

The edit message feature of the instant messaging app will soon enable users to alter and correct messages even after they have been received. However, the platform will give users a 15-second window to edit messages that have already been delivered, and the changed messages will be marked as such for both the sender and the recipient. The feature is currently being worked on and is anticipated to go live this year.

Audio chats

Like Discord, WhatsApp intends to let users join audio chats and stay connected. The site already allows users to initiate group video and audio calls, but the new "audio chats" feature will make the messaging process even more engaging.

View once audio

WhatsApp is currently developing a new feature that will enable users to send audio messages that can only be played once, similar to view-once photos or videos. By reducing the chance that private information would leak, the innovation will improve user privacy.

Pinning messages within chats and groups

Moreover, WhatsApp is developing a new function that will enable users to pin messages inside of a conversation window. Users can quickly access the messages in personal or group chat by choosing the "Pin" option.

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