WhatsApp Rolling Out A New Feature Called “Kept Messages” 

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WhatsApp Rolling Out A New Feature Called “Kept Messages” 
14 Feb 2023
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A new feature called "Kept Messages" has started to be rolled out to some of WhatsApp's beta testers. Users will be able to save a chat that is about to disappear and keep it as is even after it has expired due to a feature that was first introduced in January by WaBetaInfo. According to WaBetaInfo, certain users may be able to access the feature with updates and, even though this update is included with the most recent Android beta version
For those who don't know, "Disappearing Messages" are ephemeral messages that have a specified duration after which they are automatically deleted from a chat. Users now have more control over these disappearing messages due to the new "Kept Messages" function. A user can prevent a message from being deleted and made public in the conversation by using the "Kept Messages" feature. The message will disappear for everyone if the user decides at any point not to keep it.
A "bookmark" icon will serve as the feature's unique visual indication, allowing it to be distinguished from other chats. This will make it simple for users to recognize the messages that were saved. With this functionality, users may save crucial data or discussions that they might want to return to in the future without having to worry about losing them.

A small number of beta testers have already received the new function, and WhatsApp aims to make it available to more users in the future. It is unknown when the feature will be accessible to iOS users; it is currently available for Android users alone.
Users who might find the disappearing messages feature to be extremely constrictive will like the addition of the "Kept Messages" feature. Users have more control over their chats due to the Kept messages function, which also enables them to retain significant communications for later reference.
For iOS and Android users, WhatsApp has launched new Status updates. Private audience selector, voice status, status reactions, status profile rings, and rich link previews on Status are four of its key features.

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