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WhatsApp Introduces Passkey: A New Era of Secure Messaging

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WhatsApp Introduces Passkey: A New Era of Secure Messaging
15 May 2024
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News Synopsis

WhatsApp introduces passkeys to enhance user security. This feature, available on iOS and Android, allows secure account access via facial recognition, biometrics, or a PIN, stored in the iCloud Keychain.

Introduction to WhatsApp's Passkey Feature:

  • WhatsApp has consistently prioritized user safety.

  • Recently, several new security features have been introduced, including the passkey feature.

Importance of Privacy in Conversations:

  • Keeping conversations private, especially on platforms like WhatsApp, is crucial for users.

  • The passkey feature is designed to enhance security and make account verification safer and easier.

Rollout of Passkeys:

  • The passkey feature was initially rolled out on iOS, six months after its availability on Android.

  • Initially, only some beta testers had access, but it is now available for all iOS users.

  • According to a WA Beta Info report, the latest WhatsApp for iOS 24.9.78 update, available on the App Store, includes the passkey feature for all users.

  • The update also includes audio support for screen sharing during video calls and a revamped interface with updated icons and illustrations.

Understanding Passkeys:

  • Passkeys offer multiple authentication options, including facial recognition, biometrics, or a PIN stored on Apple's passkey manager.

  • This variety of options provides both convenience and strong security against unauthorized access.

  • iOS users can log back into their WhatsApp accounts without needing a password or two-factor authentication via SMS.

  • Passkey authentication can be done even without an internet connection, as the authentication key is stored on the phone.

Secure Storage of Passkeys:

  • Once set up, the passkey is securely stored in the iCloud Keychain.

  • This allows users to access WhatsApp using their device passcode or biometric authentication instead of the conventional 6-digit code.

  • iOS users can enable the passkey feature by installing the latest WhatsApp update from the App Store.

Rollout Timeline:

  • Rollouts can take some time, so users who don't immediately see the update should periodically check the App Store.

Steps to Enable Passkeys:

  • Ensure WhatsApp is updated to the latest version via the App Store.

  • After updating, users can check for the passkey feature by navigating to Settings > Account > Passkeys.

Benefits of Passkeys:

  • Passkeys enhance security by providing more secure authentication methods.

  • They offer a seamless and user-friendly way to log in, especially when compared to traditional passwords and SMS-based two-factor authentication.


  • The introduction of the passkey feature is a significant step in enhancing the security of user accounts on WhatsApp.

  • Users are encouraged to update their app and take advantage of this new feature to ensure their conversations remain private and secure.

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