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WhatsApp Introduces AR Features to Enhance Your Video and Audio Calls

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WhatsApp Introduces AR Features to Enhance Your Video and Audio Calls
20 Jun 2024
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News Synopsis

For millions of users worldwide, WhatsApp is the go-to app for video and audio calls. The instant messaging platform enables users to connect with their loved ones, and any new updates regarding its calling features generate excitement.

If you regularly use WhatsApp for personal or work purposes, here is some good news. Meta is introducing AR (Augmented Reality) features to enhance the overall experience.

Exciting AR Features on the Horizon

A report from WA Beta Info reveals that WhatsApp will soon introduce an AR feature, as seen in the latest beta version on the Google Play Store.

This upcoming feature aims to bring call effects and filters, adding a fun and interactive dimension to video calls. A screenshot shared by the publication shows that WhatsApp is experimenting with new AR effects and filters, expected to be included in a future update.

Using dynamic facial filters, such a touch-up tool for smoother skin look and a low-light option for better visibility in low light, users will be able to customize their video conversations with these AR effects. This update should improve the visual appeal and provide a more interesting means of interacting with loved ones.

Background Editing and Customization

WA Beta Info also reports that WhatsApp is developing a feature enabling users to edit their background during calls. This functionality will be particularly useful in group conferences, where users might want to customize their surroundings or blur out distractions.

Interestingly, this background editing feature will also be available on Desktop apps in the future, allowing users to take advantage of larger screens and enhanced editing capabilities. This is especially beneficial for professional settings or detailed background adjustments during calls.

Fun and Privacy with Avatars

WhatsApp also intends to roll out a number of effects to enhance the entertainment value and engagement of video calls. Avatars will soon be a viable alternative to the real-time video stream for users, providing an imaginative and enjoyable means of self-expression during conversations.

This tool gives users the opportunity to express themselves artistically or privately while also adding a fun aspect.

Development and Future Updates

In a later version, WhatsApp's augmented reality (AR) capability for call effects and filters will be released. The addition of these features aims to provide users with a more immersive and enjoyable calling experience, blending technology and creativity.

Updated Interface for Enhanced Experience

Earlier reports indicated that WhatsApp unveiled an updated interface for its calling screen in the beta version for Android. This revamp aimed to modernize and improve the overall calling experience on Android devices.

The updated interface showcased a sleeker design with a larger profile photo and enhanced visual clarity for the bottom calling bar. These changes were designed to help users identify and interact with their contacts more effortlessly during calls.


WhatsApp's upcoming AR features and interface updates demonstrate the platform's commitment to enhancing user experience. By introducing call effects, background editing, and avatars, WhatsApp aims to make video and audio calls more interactive, engaging, and customizable.

These innovations will undoubtedly provide users with new ways to connect and express themselves, whether for personal or professional purposes. As WhatsApp continues to evolve, users can look forward to a richer and more dynamic communication experience.

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