WhatsApp Gets Offline File Sharing: Sharing Files Without an Internet Connection

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WhatsApp Gets Offline File Sharing: Sharing Files Without an Internet Connection
23 Apr 2024
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News Synopsis

WhatsApp is revolutionizing file sharing with a groundbreaking new feature currently under development – offline file sharing! This means you'll soon be able to send photos, videos, documents, and music to your contacts even without a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.

Sending Files Directly Between Devices

According to a website known for uncovering hidden features in beta versions of apps, WhatsApp is actively working on this functionality. Shared files will be encrypted for enhanced security, preventing tampering or corruption during the transfer process.

Leaked screenshots from the latest Android beta reveal the app's permission requirements for offline file sharing. One crucial permission involves detecting nearby devices that also support this feature. This functionality utilizes Bluetooth to scan for nearby devices, similar to a standard system permission on Android. Users can choose to disable this permission if they prefer.

Permissions Required for Offline File Sharing

WhatsApp will also require access to your phone's system files and photo gallery to facilitate file selection. Additionally, location permission is necessary to determine if other devices are within close enough proximity for connection. It's important to note that despite these permissions, WhatsApp prioritizes user privacy. Phone numbers will be masked, and file transfers will be encrypted throughout the process.

This feature operates similarly to popular peer-to-peer file-sharing apps like ShareIT, which allows users to share files directly between devices without an internet connection. Considering the widespread use of WhatsApp for sharing various media and documents, this new functionality promises to significantly enhance the app's usability.

When Will Offline File Sharing Be Available?

While an official release date hasn't been announced by WhatsApp, the feature's presence in the beta testing phase suggests an imminent rollout. This innovation has the potential to transform file sharing for WhatsApp users worldwide, making it a more convenient and secure experience.

Comparison to Peer-to-Peer File-Sharing Apps

The proposed WhatsApp offline file-sharing feature bears resemblance to peer-to-peer file-sharing applications like ShareIT, which enable users to exchange files between devices sans cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity. With WhatsApp users frequently sharing diverse media files and documents, this forthcoming feature is poised to streamline the sharing experience, enhancing user convenience and efficiency.

WhatsApp Updates in 2024: A Look at What's New

Here's a breakdown of the hottest WhatsApp updates that have been rolled out or are in the works for 2024:

1. Increased Status Video Length (March 2024):  Get ready to express yourself more fully! You can now share videos up to one minute long on your WhatsApp status. This update doubles the previous limit, allowing for richer storytelling and capturing more dynamic moments.

2. Disappearing Messages by Default (March 2024):  Seeking more privacy? WhatsApp now lets you set disappearing messages as the default for all new chats. This ensures your messages automatically self-destruct after a chosen timeframe, giving you greater control over your digital footprint.

3. Multiple Account Support (March 2024):  Juggling work and personal life just got easier. You can now use two or more WhatsApp accounts on the same app. This eliminates the need to constantly switch phones or log in and out of accounts.

4. Enhanced Privacy Features (March 2024):  WhatsApp prioritizes user privacy with a bunch of new features. These include "Silence Unknown Callers" which automatically silences calls from unknown numbers, and "Privacy Checkup" which allows you to review your privacy settings and make adjustments.

5. Group & Unread Chat Filters (March 2024 - Beta):  Coming soon! A beta update is testing features that let you filter chats by group conversations and unread messages. This will help you stay organized and quickly find the chats you need.

6. Encrypted Offline File Sharing (Under Development):  Leaks suggest a groundbreaking feature in the works: offline file sharing! This would allow users to share photos, videos, and documents directly between devices using Bluetooth, eliminating the need for an internet connection entirely. While not officially confirmed, this update has the potential to revolutionize file sharing in areas with limited internet access.

Stay tuned! WhatsApp is constantly innovating, so expect even more exciting features to be unveiled throughout the rest of 2024.


WhatsApp's forthcoming offline file-sharing feature represents a significant milestone in the evolution of the messaging app, promising enhanced convenience and security for users. As the feature undergoes beta testing, anticipation mounts for its official rollout, signaling a new era of efficient and secure file sharing within the WhatsApp ecosystem.

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