WhatsApp Beta Unveils In-App Calling and Hidden Groups for Android Users

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WhatsApp Beta Unveils In-App Calling and Hidden Groups for Android Users
27 Apr 2024
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News Synopsis

WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform, continues to innovate and improve user experience with the release of its latest beta version for Android users. Packed with exciting features designed to enhance communication and privacy, this update promises to elevate the WhatsApp experience for millions of users worldwide.

In-App Dialler for Seamless Communication:

One of the standout features of the latest WhatsApp beta version is the introduction of an in-app dialler. This revolutionary addition allows users to make calls directly from the WhatsApp interface, eliminating the need to save contacts' numbers.

Building upon the platform's previous announcement regarding messaging unsaved contacts, this feature streamlines communication by offering a convenient way to connect with others. With the in-app dialler, users can make calls without cluttering their address books, particularly useful when communicating with contacts on a temporary basis.

The in-app dialer offers several benefits:

  • Seamless Communication: Make calls directly within the WhatsApp app without the hassle of saving temporary contacts.

  • Declutter Your Address Book: No more cluttering your phonebook with numbers you might only use once.

This update caters to those who frequently connect with one-off contacts, eliminating unnecessary steps and keeping your address book organized.

WhatsApp Hidden Group Feature for Enhanced Privacy:

WhatsApp is also addressing privacy concerns with its new "Hidden group" feature, included in beta version This functionality empowers users to conceal groups within communities, providing greater control over group membership and privacy.

Hidden groups allow exclusive access to invited members, ensuring that only intended participants can discover and join these private communities. Additionally, community administrators have the authority to locate and remove hidden groups, offering streamlined group management and enhanced privacy for users.

Here's how Hidden Group Feature works:

  • Increased Privacy: Hidden groups remain invisible to regular community members, ensuring only invited participants can discover and join them.

  • Enhanced Control: Community admins retain complete control over hidden groups, with the ability to locate and remove them if necessary.

This feature caters to situations where admins might want to create private groups for specific purposes within a larger community, fostering a more controlled and focused environment.

Beta Version Availability and Impending Release:

While these exciting features are currently available in the beta version of WhatsApp, their universal rollout is imminent. Users can expect to enjoy the benefits of the in-app dialler and hidden group feature in the near future as WhatsApp continues to refine and optimize its platform for enhanced user experience and privacy.

Latest WhatsApp Updates for 2024 (as of April 26, 2024)

Here's a quick rundown of the most recent updates for WhatsApp in 2024:

Enhanced Security and Convenience:

  • Passkey Support for iPhone: A major development is the rollout of passkey support on iOS devices. This allows iPhone users to ditch traditional passwords and leverage Face ID or Touch ID for a more secure and convenient login experience. (Expected in the coming weeks)

Improved User Experience:

  • While there haven't been any major feature additions beyond passkeys yet in 2024, rumors suggest WhatsApp might be exploring functionalities like:

    • Edit Sent Messages: This highly requested feature would allow users to correct typos or rephrase messages after sending them.

    • In-App Translator: The ability to translate messages directly within the app could be a valuable addition for users communicating across languages.

Focus on Privacy:

  • There haven't been any official announcements regarding privacy changes in 2024. However, considering WhatsApp's emphasis on user privacy, we might see updates related to:

    • Enhanced Disappearing Messages Controls: More granular control over disappearing message durations could be introduced.

    • Improved End-to-End Encryption Features: WhatsApp might further strengthen its already robust encryption protocols.

Looking Ahead:

With the year still young, we can expect more exciting updates from WhatsApp in 2024. Keep an eye out for official announcements regarding the features mentioned above, as well as potential surprises. The focus on security, convenience, and user experience is likely to continue driving WhatsApp's development roadmap.

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