WhatsApp Allows to Mute Individual Users During Group Calls

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WhatsApp Allows to Mute Individual Users During Group Calls
21 Jun 2022
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News Synopsis

WhatsApp keeps on bringing new features to its messaging platform. The messaging platform has now released new features to Group Video Call, through which Host Group Call will become more powerful. According to this new feature, the host making group calls on WhatsApp will be able to mute any member during the call and personal messages. With these features, WhatsApp wants to give a tough competition to apps like Microsoft Office, Google Meet, and Zoom.

In this regard,  WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart has given information about the latest updates of WhatsApp Group Call. He tweeted that the host can mute anyone during a WhatsApp group call. Users can also be given information to join calls. An indicator has been added for the feature of joining the call. In this case, the host can mute any user to join the group call.

There are many WhatsApp users who use WhatsApp for professional video calling. For them, the fun of WhatsApp group calling can now be double. A few days ago, WhatsApp has increased the number of people joining for group calling. In such a situation, 32 people can join the WhatsApp group call. Whereas earlier only 8 people were allowed to join.

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