WhatsApp Aims to Generate Revenue with Global Launch of Meta Cloud for Businesses

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WhatsApp Aims to Generate Revenue with Global Launch of Meta Cloud for Businesses
20 May 2022
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News Synopsis

In order to increase Meta-WhatApp business integration even more, CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that the mobile messaging network will be offered to businesses of all sizes across the world through the WhatsApp Cloud API (application programming interface) maintained by the parent firm. By using the secure WhatsApp Cloud API, any business or developer can effortlessly use the service, build directly on top of WhatsApp to customize their experience, and reduce their response time to consumers.

Businesses using WhatsApp will be able to use Meta's free, secure cloud hosting services. "This is a critical step toward helping more businesses communicate with people and more people message the businesses they want to support — big and small," Zuckerberg said at the company's maiden business messaging conference. Consumers will have control over the businesses they communicate with, according to the startup, and businesses will not be able to message people unless they have requested to be contacted.

"We also want to provide more tools to small enterprises. Although many SMBs will continue to utilize the WhatsApp Business app, we expect others to wish to use the Cloud-based API " Zuckerberg stated. Meta is developing additional capabilities for these firms to enable them to expand their operations beyond a few individuals and further magnify their brand online, such as the capacity to manage discussions across up to ten devices to better handle a spike in talks.

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