Volkswagen to produce fewer cars in 2022

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Volkswagen to produce fewer cars in 2022
17 Dec 2021
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News Synopsis

Volkswagen may produce even fewer cars in 2022 as compared to this year. The reason for this fall in their production is noticed due to the global chip shortage. It is also claimed that the chip shortage can last till 2023 and taking this into consideration Volkswagen has reduced the forecast for 2021 vehicle deliveries. 

The deliveries can even fall to 8 million cars next year. BMW and Daimler have also said that they expect the chip shortage to last till the second half of next year. Porsche has said that the automakers need to take the chip production into their own hands. The CEO of Porsche, Oliver Blume has said that the people believing that the chip crisis will calm next year are mistaken, claiming that the automakers will still suffer from global chip shortage.