Vedantu launches live platform W.A.V.E 2.0

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Vedantu launches live platform W.A.V.E 2.0
31 Mar 2022
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News Synopsis

On Thursday, the live online learning platform, Vedantu has launched a new live platform by the name W.A.V.E 2.0. W.A.V.E 2.0 stands for Whiteboard Audio Video Environment. The company claims this will set new standards for online classes. Vedantu further informed that its patented technology will offer a new learning experience and take performance recognition to a whole new level. At the launch of W.A.V.E 2.0, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Vedantu, Vamsi Krishna, said: "We are determined to provide the best education for students with our patented technology. This is also our attempt to reimagine how an online class can be. W.A.V.E 2.0 is setting new standards and striving towards better quality online classes." The latest version of the W.A.V.E learning platform aims to provide quality education and create an impact at scale in India. Mr. Krishna further said: "Since its inception, W.A.V.E has been used by over 4,000 teachers to teach 24 million students for 70 million hours. And these students came from over 7,300 cities and towns, that's almost 92 percent of the total cities and towns in India."

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