Value-Based Education Will Ensure Overall Development of Students’

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Value-Based Education Will Ensure Overall Development of Students’
14 Aug 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

For the ever-adding pressure to score better than everyone else, only when the kid is better than every other person of the same grade, only then do parents seem satisfied. A childhood consisting of fun and frolicking seems to be vanishing due to tuitions, even for the lower classes. 

The government can do all but encourage a better system, along with providing necessary funds to government schools and colleges and also a decent teacher facility and infrastructure, a full package deal. Although in the case of private schools, it is up to them to shape their syllabus and introduce methods to help gain a better understanding, even with the high fee, the schools seem to develop at a painful pace over the past years! 

An attempt which has not been seen through to improve the quality or the syllabus of education, to introducing different ways to understand a particular topic or visualize a theory, and with students failing to stay sane under the weight of numerous expectations and an overload of work, with a light of the end of the tunnel being a first rank, rather than improving the situation of the world we live in, has the students grappling to sanity from the constant absence of time to do any other activities rather than to stick their faces up their books.

They say that the early part of a person's life shapes the later stage of their life; civilization was built to protect each other from fearing for their lives, but society seems to have somehow paved a wonderful path indeed, where the students constantly fear for their future and there is no idea of contempt and satisfaction with what they have, as it is tainted with the ideas of greed through and through.