Update on Ola e-Scooter Test Rides And Delievery Schedule

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Update on Ola e-Scooter Test Rides And Delievery Schedule
08 Nov 2021
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News Synopsis

Bhavish Aggarwal also posted a video of professionals completing feats on Ola's electric scooter. Ola has not yet announced a specific start date for scooter delivery. Test rides, according to Bhavish, will commence next week, followed by the first deliveries. The electric scooter, which is available in two trims - Ola S1 and S1 - is now only available through the Ola App and not the Ola website. Ola Electric's electric scooter pre-launch bookings began in July for $499, and the firm received 1 lakh orders in just 24 hours.

The company has not disclosed the number of orders received thus far. Ola is building a 500-acre manufacturing complex in Tamil Nadu. The company declared in the first phase that it will begin with a 10 lakh annual production capacity and gradually develop to a 20 lakh capacity. Ola Electric claims that once completed, its plant will have an annual capacity of one crore units, or "15 percent of total two-wheeler manufacturing in the globe."

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