Upcoming WhatsApp Feature Lets Users Create AI-Generated Images

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Upcoming WhatsApp Feature Lets Users Create AI-Generated Images
02 Jul 2024
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News Synopsis

Calling all creative minds! WhatsApp is exploring innovative ways to personalize your messaging experience. According to WABetaInfo, a reliable source for upcoming WhatsApp features, the platform is testing AI-powered image generation capabilities using Meta AI.

Imagine Yourself Anywhere: Introducing AI-Generated Selfies

  • The Power of Meta AI: This feature, currently in development, allows users to generate personalized images featuring themselves in various settings based on their prompts.

  • Taking Control with Photos: Users initiate the feature by taking photos of themselves within the WhatsApp app. These photos are then processed securely by Meta AI to create unique images.

  • Privacy First: Maintaining user privacy is paramount. Users have complete control over their setup photos and can delete them at any time.

How to Use AI-Generated Images on WhatsApp

  • Prompting the AI Assistant: The WABetaInfo report suggests users can interact with the Meta AI chatbot using a text prompt starting with "Imagine me."

  • Group Chat Fun: For group conversations, simply tag "@Meta AI" followed by your "Imagine me" prompt. The AI chatbot will then generate and share the image within the chat.

  • Optional Feature: This feature is expected to be entirely optional. Users can choose to enable or disable it through the in-app settings.

Personalize Your AI Experience: Selecting Meta AI Models (In Development)

  • Choosing Your AI Assistant: WhatsApp is also exploring ways to personalize your AI interactions. A feature under development allows users to select their preferred Meta AI model (like Llama 3-70B or Llama 3-405B) based on the complexity of their prompt.

This additional layer of control caters to different user needs, allowing you to choose the most suitable AI model for simpler or more intricate tasks.


This glimpse into WhatsApp's future reveals exciting possibilities for user expression and creativity. Here's a quick recap:

  • AI-Powered Self-Portraits: WhatsApp is testing a feature that leverages Meta AI to create personalized images of users in various settings based on user prompts.

  • Privacy and Control: User privacy remains a priority. Users control the setup photos and can delete them at any time.

  • Intuitive Interaction: Generating images is reportedly as simple as using a text prompt starting with "Imagine me" or tagging "@Meta AI" in group chats.

  • Optional Feature: This functionality is expected to be optional, allowing users to choose whether to enable or disable it.

  • AI Model Selection (In Development): WhatsApp is also exploring ways to personalize AI interactions by allowing users to select different Meta AI models depending on the task at hand.

While still under development, these features hint at a future where WhatsApp goes beyond just text-based messaging. The ability to generate and share AI-powered self-portraits could transform the way users express themselves and interact within the platform. It will be interesting to see how these features evolve and how they are received by the vast WhatsApp user base.

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