Unleash Suspense The Latest James Bond Movie Will Win Your Heart

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Unleash Suspense The Latest James Bond Movie Will Win Your Heart
24 Jan 2023
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Latest Updated on 24 January 2023

Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond in a new vodka advertisement is trending online. In the commercial Taika Waititi, an Oscar-winning director shows Mr. Craig changing from a movie star in the limelight to a smooth-sliding jiving man out on the town.

The more than two-minute-long Belvedere Vodka advertisement premiered last week. A Mr. Craig in a white suit stands on a bridge at the start of the episode and looks out at the water. But as the commercial goes on the famous 007 characters can be seen channeling their inner disco diva while sporting a Leather Jacket and Sunglasses.

To the sounds of Rita Ora and Giggs the 54-year-old actor is seen slipping and thrusting his crotch. He even appears on the screen sporting a vest and white slacks. The actor is then shown drinking Belvedere and saying, towards the conclusion of the video.

Mr. Waititi features as a caricature of himself in the role of the director. He advises Mr. Craig to just be himself as he smiles and reveals his sparkling DC grills.

The Advertisement quickly went Viral Online following its debut. The video was dubbed as the wildest thing by online users.

"Wonderfully amazing!!! I liked seeing Daniel outside of his slick cultured "Bond" demeanor. I adored this one user remarked. Another said Hilarious and Wonderful!

A third person said, OMG. He did an amazing job with this video! Simply being a good time! enjoyed it and him! And a fourth "So fun!!! Oh my. I love Daniel Craig very much and it's wonderful to see him enjoying himself so much after all those years of playing Mr. Bond."

Last Updated on 30 September 2021

Critics have lauded Daniel Craig’s latest movie “No Time To Die”, the last and final movie of the James Bond franchise. The movie premiered last night at the Royal Albert Hall, London with a lot of glitz, glamour, and royalty after being delayed by several months due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions. Sources have confirmed that the movie will release in theaters on 30th September. Critics have commented on Craig’s acting skills that he is a charismatically towering personality with an exceptional talent for being sleek and smart. Critics have noted that as a final bow to the all-time famous movie series, Craig has paid a tribute to the movie by being absolutely terrific and soulful. Reports have come out that the movie is a perfect blend of path, comedy, action, drama, suspense, horror, and typical James Bond action. Comments by critics have suggested that the movie is based on grand mechanisms and complications and is gleefully spectacular.

Reports have emerged that the film’s length of 163 minutes has been a concern for some critics who believe that the plot does not do justice to the time length. Various other critics have been wowed by the smart physique and look of Daniel Craig, Rami Malek has been equally praised for his appearance in the movie, especially for his “caressing voice” and Lashana Lynch has been seen as an emerging new Bond lady who has gathered a lot of applause from the critics.

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