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Twitter's Game-Changing Update: Unveiling Reverse Blocking

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Twitter's Game-Changing Update: Unveiling Reverse Blocking
03 May 2024
5 min read

News Synopsis

Social Media Platform X's changes to its blocking feature represent a significant departure from traditional blocking dynamics, aiming to enhance user safety and control while maintaining public visibility. These changes differentiate X from platforms like Facebook, where blocking operates as a mutual restriction of visibility.

Introduction to Social Media Platform X's Blocking Changes:

Formerly known as Twitter, Social Media Platform X is implementing significant changes to its blocking feature. These changes allow blocked individuals to see replies from users who have blocked them, altering the traditional dynamics of blocking.

Explanation of the Blocking Changes:

  • Previously, if someone blocked you on Social Media Platform X, you couldn't view any of their posts, but they could still see and interact with your content, including replying to your posts.

  • Now, if a user replies to the post of someone who has blocked them, the blocked individual will be able to see the reply.

  • For example, if User A blocks User B and then User A replies to User B's posts, User B will now be able to see those replies, which were previously hidden from them.

Reasoning Behind the Blocking Changes:

The X engineering team explained the motivation behind these new rules, emphasizing the aim to enable blocked individuals to identify and report any potential harmful content that was previously invisible to them.

The change also serves to allow users to safeguard their accounts from individuals who have blocked them.

These adjustments align with the platform's commitment to maintaining itself as a public town square, empowering users to control their experience while upholding the public visibility of posts.

Comparison of Blocking Mechanisms Across Social Media Platforms:

  • Blocking mechanisms differ between Social Media Platform X and other platforms like Facebook.

  • On Social Media Platform X, when you block someone, they can't see your profile or posts, but you can still view and interact with theirs. Now, with the new changes, if you reply to a post from someone who blocked you, they can see your reply.

  • In contrast, on platforms like Facebook, blocking is a two-way street. When you block someone, not only do they lose visibility of your profile and posts, but you also lose the ability to see theirs. It's a mutual block, and visibility is restricted for both parties.

  • Additionally, on Facebook, the visibility of a blocked person's posts depends on mutual friends. If a mutual friend shares a blocked person's post on their timeline, you may still be able to see it.

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