Twitter Finally Allows Users To Report Fake News

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Twitter Finally Allows Users To Report Fake News
18 Aug 2021
8 min read

News Synopsis

Twitter is known as a fast spreader of fake news. Many times a lot of the fake news that we see around us comes from social media, especially Whatsapp and Twitter. Complaints against these two social media platforms have always been there and it’s about time that they start looking into the matter. Twitter is the first one to take such measures to prevent people from spreading unverified, fake news. Although this feature is still in the test period, it can be surety said that it will go on to become a permanent feature of the social media platform.

But for the feature to work, Twitter will have to invest good resources because there are more chances that people will also heavily report tweets that they don’t agree with but is true. Hence to make sure that everyone enjoys the freedom of speech but at the same time never spreads fake news, Twitter will have to install proper resources required to keep a check on all this. This way no user would have their tweets deleted just because someone, who doesn’t agree with them, reported their tweet. This is a huge step for the times we live in because Twitter is one such platform that is mostly used by people to express their political opinions and the platform also plays a huge role in elections. Hence such measures would prevent politicians, extremists groups, conspiracy groups, etc. from spreading fake news.