Trust Stamp had Dozens of Peoples' Data Exposed in Breach

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Trust Stamp had Dozens of Peoples' Data Exposed in Breach
22 May 2022
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TWN Exclusive

News Synopsis

According to reports, the personal information of several dozen people was left unsecured on a compromised database by Trust Stamp, a federal contractor that creates facial recognition and surveillance systems for organisations like Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Names, birthdays, home locations, and driver's license information were among the data.

An anonymous source who claimed to be a security researcher, informed about the incident. The legitimacy of the data was validated by the people identified in the data dump.  Trust Stamp also informed about the security flaw and compromise.

Trust Stamp's CEO, Gareth Genner, told that the leaked database was for prospective customers to test the company's software, and that the majority of entries were "obviously created data," such as "Heidi Sample" or "Test Alaska." The majority of the several hundred user entries exposed in the hack were for fictional users as part of a so-called demo app, but several dozen entries were for actual persons, according to the security researcher. 

A few days ago, Trust Stamp received an amazing $7.2 million annual contract with ICE to monitor migrants processed at the southern border, using facial recognition and passive GPS tracking.


TWN Exclusive