TOEFL to Adapt Pen and Paper Format From December 11

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TOEFL to Adapt Pen and Paper Format From December 11
22 Feb 2023
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Latest Updated on 22 February 2023
Starting on December 11, the TOEFL, often known as the Test of English as a Foreign Language, will be given as a Paper Test. The test's owner Educational Testing Service announced on Wednesday that registration is now open in India.

Universities Typically Employ the TOEFL, a standard exam that assesses a candidate's speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing Skills, to assess an applicant's level of English Proficiency from Non-English Speaking Nations.

The TOEFL test was first introduced 57 years ago as a paper-based test, which was then phased out in favor of computer-based and then Internet-based test formats that could only be taken at approved test centers. The ETS also started providing an Internet-based test that could be taken using home Computers and had Online Proctors when the pandemic broke out last year.

Three parts of the most recent edition will be accessible at Exam Sites in Pen and Paper Format. For the next three days, the speaking portion must still be completed using a Home Computer and an Online Proctor.

Given that many test takers prefer and feel most comfortable with a paper-based testing option, adding this option to the portfolio "caters to the unique testing preferences of test takers," according to an ETS Statement.

At the start, tests would be given twice a month in 18 cities across India. Up to two days previous to the exam day, candidates may apply. The paper-based test will cost $190, or around 14,000, which is the same amount as the other two options.

Last Updated on 14 October 2021

TOEFL, the examination of English as a foreign language, has now adopted a new format for holding its examination. The examination to be held on December 11 will now take place in pen and paper format. Registration for the examination has started and it is also taking place in India as well. The examination was introduced 56 years ago and was originally held in a pen-and-paper format. But the Introduction of Technology was taken online. It enabled everyone to give the exams from their home with online proctors. The new format has three components available in this format at the test centers. The speaking test will be held at home with an online proctor. The test is held across 18 cities in India and the candidates can apply for it up to two days before the test day. The fee for the examination is $190 or approximately Rs. 14000.