TikTok Unveils Text-Only Posts, While Elon Musk Renames Twitter as X

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TikTok Unveils Text-Only Posts, While Elon Musk Renames Twitter as X
25 Jul 2023
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News Synopsis

TikTok Expands Content Creation with Text-Only Posts

TikTok, the popular video-sharing platform, is tapping into new content possibilities by introducing text-only posts. Users can now express their creativity through written content, complemented by colored backgrounds and stickers. With a maximum limit of 1,000 words, this move aims to enhance user engagement and cater to those seeking an alternative to Twitter's format.

TikTok's Embrace of Written Creativity

The latest update from TikTok allows users to explore a fresh medium for expressing themselves. By offering a dedicated space for text-based content, the platform acknowledges the impact of written creativity seen in comments, captions, and videos.

This move not only expands content options but also encourages users to showcase their storytelling abilities.

TikTok's Challenge to Twitter (Now X) and Meta's Threads

Industry experts speculate that TikTok's text-only feature is a strategic move to challenge Twitter (now rebranded as X) and Meta's Threads. Elon Musk's recent rebranding of Twitter as X has sparked curiosity and raised concerns about the platform's future.

TikTok's foray into text-based content presents an opportunity for rival tech companies to attract Twitter users and launch competing platforms.

Twitter's Financial Challenges and Rival Tech Companies

Twitter's financial struggles were highlighted in a recent announcement, revealing a 50% drop in ad revenue. This decline led rival tech companies to see an opening in attracting Twitter's user base and launching alternative platforms.

The perceived chaos surrounding Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter has further motivated competitors to capitalize on the situation.

Instagram's Threads and User Engagement

Instagram's Threads, a text-based app leveraging its existing user base, experienced a massive sign-up of 100 million users within five days of its launch. However, Forbes reports a subsequent decline of 70% in active daily users.

This trend indicates the fierce competition in the social media landscape, where platforms vie for user attention and engagement.

TikTok and Instagram's User Base Comparison

TikTok, boasting over a billion users, competes with Instagram, which holds 2.3 billion users. While Instagram enjoys a larger user base, TikTok's audience skews younger, with its appeal to 12 to 15-year-olds as the top news source in the UK.

This demographic distinction further drives the rivalry between the platforms.

TikTok Faces Criticism over China Links

Despite TikTok's popularity, it has faced criticism over its ties to China, prompting governments like Canada, the US, UK, and Australia to restrict the app on government-owned devices. Additionally, concerns have been raised about the access of China-based TikTok employees to Australian user data, raising questions about data privacy and security.


TikTok's introduction of text-only posts adds a fresh dimension to its content creation options, challenging Twitter's traditional format. As social media platforms navigate changing dynamics and competition, Elon Musk's rebranding of Twitter as X has led rival tech companies to seize the opportunity to attract users and launch competing platforms. The battle for user engagement intensifies as these platforms strive to meet the diverse preferences of their global user bases.

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